Our Story

County Roasters provides a quality cup of "great" coffee!

County Roasters is a family-run company dedicated to providing customers with high quality Fairtrade organic coffee. Because Fairtrade coffee is sourced from small farms and farmer-run cooperatives, there is a significant sustainable component to our coffee. These quality beans are then small-batch roasted to provide you with a great cup of coffee!!

How we got started

Back in 2003, we launched a cafe called the Bean Counter Cafe, which specialized in Fairtrade Organic Coffee and Homemade Gelato. In 2010, we decided to leverage the experience we had with our coffee and launched a coffee roasting business. We used the Bean Counter Cafe as our test customer. After rave reviews we were off and running! Our production facility is divided in half, one side roasts coffee and the other side produces gelato!

Our Commitment to Community

County Roasters is committed to the idea of community – whether that community is thousands of miles away or the one that we call home. It is important for us to be able to support our family through this venture, but also that the families further up the chain can also make a reasonable living!

County Roasters Supports Certified Fairtrade Organic Coffee

Purchasing Certified Fairtrade Organic Coffee means that producer farmers are guaranteed a minimum fair price for their coffee in adherence with Fairtrade principles and practices. This ensures that:

  • coffee farmers are able to provide for their families;
  • we are helping create a sustainable industry that coffee farmers can rely on;
  • important community projects (including productivity initiatives) are supported through the Fairtrade system, and
  • it provides the means for farmers to break free from middlemen (coyotes) that have traditionally held all the power over the farmer, often paying very little for crops, breaking promises made, and taking future crops to pay the farmer more than the little being paid for their current crop (sounds very unsustainable! Often farmers get to the point where they sell the trees on their farm for wood, to dig themselves out of their financial hole. Unfortunately then they are no longer coffee farmers, as they have cut down the canopy that covers their coffee plantation!).

County Roasters Supports Cafe Femenino

Cafe Femenino is a project run entirely by female coffee producers in rural communities around the world. More than 1,500 women in Bolivia, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru are active in the project to achieve empowerment, build social and support networks and earn incomes through the production and sale of Cafe Femenino coffee.

Coffee Beans

Fairtrade Organic Coffee

County Roasters proudly serves Fairtrade organic coffee. We also support the Cafe Femenino Project to help female coffee producers in rural communities around the world.